Referring to Fun88 with 10 people, we are sure 9 people know about this house brand. This is a testament to the popularity they have. So, under what circumstances and origins was the house formed?

Origin of the house
Fun88 was established exactly on June 1, 2008, so far it has been 12 years of operation in the betting market. They have had extremely stable steps and developed strongly. This has helped them get their name in the top 3 most prestigious bookmakers in Asia and the top 10 in Europe.
Up to now, Fun88line is always proud to bring more than 10,000 sports events every day. Along with that, there are more than 100 card game titles at Casino that are extremely classy and professional. In their development, Fun 88 has always been at the forefront of creating a healthy and safe betting playground.

With the first 5 years of operation, they were honored to receive prestigious awards such as: Asian Operator in 2009, Asian Live Gaming Operator of the Year, Asian Operator 2010. These awards were all awarded by EGR Awards organized by eGaming Review Magazine. position and vote. This makes their trust in the eyes of bettors increasingly high.

In addition, the house officially expands 6 types of communication languages ​​for players. They are: Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, English, Thai, Indonesian. This makes it easy for players to approach and interact with the house in the most appropriate language.

As a partner with many reputable units and brands
Fun88 has a strong capital source to be able to become a partner of many brands and teams around the world. Thanks to this work, their brand is known more and more people. So, where are the partners that have been cooperating with Fun 88 ?

Fun88 has been a partner of Tottenham Hotspur Club since 2012 until now for 8 years. This helps Tottenham Hotspur continuously usurp the championship and record in the European Cup and Premier League.
In 2015, Fun 88 sponsored jerseys for Club Burnley.
Continuously cooperated with Newcastle United FC in 3 seasons of Premier League 2017-20. This helps the house to be known by more and more people around the world in recent years.
The bookie has successfully signed brand ambassador contracts with many famous and legendary football players. For example: Former player Robbie Fowler of Liverpool club, NBA Steve Nash – Basketball legend, Kobe Bryant – 4 times basketball legend won the All-Star MVP title.
In addition, Fun 88 also sponsors many racing tournaments to promote its brand. Such as: GT Asia Championship, GT Asia Championship, MMA, One Championship.

Games at Fun88
One of the factors that players cannot ignore when entering the prestigious Fun88 world . Those are the betting products from many reputable game publishers. So, what are the popular online entertainment products at this bookie?

Fun88 sports betting
Sports are the main product that the bookie invests very strongly with with huge financial resources. Currently, the bookie offers 4 main sports halls for you to choose from such as:

Sports IBC
The strength of Sports IBC is the graphical interface designed to be easy to see and smooth. This makes the operation of betting players much simpler and easier to use. In addition, the house also offers deposit bonus and daily refund up to 0.5% for participating members.

Sports IM
Sports IM is the lobby that attracts the most betting participants at the Fun88 house . Join this lobby, you will see a list of hot matches updated every minute. With each match will come with its own odds built by the house’s expert team. Along with that, there are many games and tournaments for players to bet on.

Sports CDM
Sports CDM includes many sports that are creating great attraction with fans. CDM sports matches come from famous tournaments around the planet such as English Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1.

Sports Fun88
Fun88 Sports Hall is designed by the house with an extremely neat and beautiful interface. In addition, this playing hall is also integrated with different mobile and computer platforms. In addition to choosing king sports is a betting subject for profitable investment. Players can also participate in other sports such as racing, tennis, basketball, e-sports, badminton…
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